Rural Revolution

Every gramodhara kendra in terms of facility and service is truly a revolution.


Excellent opportunity for an individual with entrepreneurship quality to lead the kendra.


With kendra in every grama panchayat, all sources of products and services is under one roof without depanding on bigger cities.

Economic Reforms

Every kendra is set to have a excellent economic reform due to legal daily transactions.

Swadeshi Products

In every kendra we only stock and sell only desi products and procurement also.

Pride Of Kendra's

With 6024 kendras covering 227 taluks across karnataka, this is a flagship project.

Kendra Availability

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Our Expertise

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GRAAMODDHAARA KENDRA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is the main log in platform for the franchise and our organization. All the daily transaction details of the franchise must be logged in with our GKMS..

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Server Stability

Our organization Graamoddhaara Kendra has its own server which is capable of handling lakhs of hits per minute also. We have a strong it and maintenance team to handle server stability

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Support System

For any organization it and backend support is the backbone. The IT department must be capable of handling all the data from each and every department and integrating them for logical ...

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Training and assessment are very critical to ensure smooth and satisfying performance of the Kendra’s. We need to inculcate our requirements, our work culture, our daily requirements..


I really liked the infrastructure of Graamoddhdara Kendra. Really great set up for grama panchayat level. Now a regular customer.


Really surprised at the prices of led products. Got bulbs for just rs. 68/ with one year warranty. Great job Graamoddhdara Kendra.


Really surprised to get kcet entrance books in Graamoddhdara Kendra . Really never thought of such facilities in grama panchayat. Great going.


Tried samruddhi Ten rupees packets for cooking. Really good quality and also satisfying quantity.


Tried snacks items in Graamoddhdara Kendra. Real good quality. Was worried about oil quality but absolutely no issues. From now on for snacks my visit will be towards gramodhara kendra.


I bought 32 inches smart tv in Graamoddhdara Kendra. Really happy with picture clarity and also the sound. Working great. Real mouth watering price for a smart tv


Facts About Kendra's

Existing Kenra's
Kendra's By Jan 2020
Kendra's By March 2020
Job Opportunities

Product Range

FMCG Products

All the daily required fmcg products right from paste, tooth brush, soaps, shampoo, body conditioner, toilet cleaners ...

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Solar & LED

Solar street lights should be the best alternative for regular street lights. Power consumption factor is very huge for ...

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Competitive exams are the gateway to enter higher positions in terms of education or posting. In our kendra's almost all..

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This is a beautiful concept where daily pulses required for daily cooking except rice is available in our kendra's for just..

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Snack & Sweet Products

This is the most favorite category one can access in our kendras. All types of snacks to suit any occasion is available in our kendra's...

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Home Appliancess

Major home appliances such as pressure cookers, water purifier, iron box, two burner stoves, ceiling fan ...

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Hygiene & Health Care

Health care is the most important aspect that one needs to concentrate in grama panchayat. In our kendra's we have..

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Mobile & Electronic Gadgets

Right from led bulbs, decorative led bulbs, four tubes and small ups, solar panels, street lights, auto on off lights...

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