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Welcome to Graamoddhaara Kendra Sweets and Snacks, which opens doors for an impressive walk through around traditional foods of our country that would make your taste buds sweat out. Traditional, native and unique snacks, sweets and healthy bites that are available over different parts of our country are delivered at your doorsteps with ease and elegance. Tredy Foods doesn't confine itself to sell foods but also kitchen appliances, kitchenwares and all that are related to food are made available. Graamoddhaara Kendra Sweets and Snacks including other verticals strives to deliver at your doorstep that snack, that would chain your taste buds and that sweet that clings to your thoughts when it is named.

Sweets and Snacks is well networked and our endeavour to deliver that snack to you and not even its identical one is saddled in all our efforts. Selected from the best of cuisines Graamoddhaara Kendra strives to serve you only THE BEST.

In a country with diverse people, language, culture, traditions, flora and fauna, food is no exception and bridges the gap between YOU and the wide variety of foods that are hygienic, healthy and of course mouth watering.

We Indians are known to have a sweet tooth. All of us have a great love towards the varieties of sweets.  From auspicious occasion to festivals, sweets is the most important part of our any celebration. With the presence of delectable desserts and sweets any celebration such as marriage, birthday’s parties, etc. seems to be incomplete. It is the big reason why huge varieties of Indian sweets are popular across the world. When it comes to having something sweet, the name of listed below sweets first come in the thought of an individual.

Indian desserts & sweets are in huge demand in various markets of the world. Different dishes are from the various parts of the country & they earned massive respect from the way they are made. Every state of India has its specialty in sweet. Let’s say, the most loved sweet from Kolkata is Rasgulla. Bengal is famous for many popular Indian sweets. But none of them can beat the popularity of Rasgulla. As this exceptional Indian sweet was invented here, at no other place in the country where you can find the softest melting in mouth Rasgulla. Another example from the different state of the country is Mysore Pak. This sweet dish was invented in the city of Mysore. This sweet is made dripping in the pure ghee. It earned its name across the whole country & now people of different states love them. The list of famous Indian sweets is so long that it will never end. And many of these delectable dishes enjoy global popularity & has fans across the whole world. For example, consider the case of Ladoos & Jalebis. You can find both of them in any corner of India. Also, both of them come in many different varieties. Such as Ladoos can be made of atta, boondi, baisan, sattu, etc. Now check out the best places to have the most popular Indian sweets that have a legendary status.

Graamoddhaara Kendra Sweets and Snacks Division wishes you a Happy and Healthy Snacking.