Solar Products

Solar technology is the most essential format of energy for any Grama Panchayat.  Solar is most promoted concept by both central and state government.  Good subsidies and benefits are offered for solar oriented products.  In our Kendra’s most of the solar products are available and our motto is also to encourage solar consumption in every Grama Panchayat.

Solar Fan, Solar Lights, Solar Lanterns and more
Solar home appliances for all your home needs from Prabha, India's leading solar products firm. Why buy from unreliable and non-performing products that are labeled cheap when Prabha provides with highest standard and the cheap label as well. Saurya strives to deliver excellent and innovative solutions that can take care of your solar needs.

Reach out to a Prabha Solar using the contact us page and ask for a price quotation for any of the below products. 

 Perfect Fit for your needs

All solar home appliances integrate seamlessly with your house without need for special fittings.

 Elegant Designs

Solar is future and our products are designed to reflect that futuristic elegance.

Verified Company

We are an ISO 9001:2008 verified company, you can trust us.

 Best In-Industry Support

We provide extensive support and warranty to make sure you are happy afterwards also.

 Excellent Life

What's the use of products that dont survive? Our solar home appliances are designed for long life.

 Complete Customization

We know that every house is different. That is why we cater to every house differently.