LED Smart TV

In our Kendra’s we are selling quality smart TV with very reasonable pricing and good warranty period.  In case of any defect within the warranty period,  TV sets can be given to our Kendra’s for rectification.  There is no need to run around for authorized service centers.

The greatest asset Ridaex had at this point in time was one of its most durable basic Android LED Televisions i.e. RE Series, so-called the first retail series of Brand Ridaex.

The RE Series Televisions had an incredible failure rate of 0.3%, by doing the math it’s just the failure rate of 3 TVs for every 1000 TVs. Built with Quad Core Cortex A53 processor, 1GB RAM, and 4 GB internal storage with single Band WiFi, starting from Full HD Resolutions.

Ridaex had sold overall about 22,000 Television units by end of March 2018.

By this time Ridaex administrative team already knew the storm of a Chinese Global Brand entering Indian Television market but it was neglected believing the patriotism towards #makeinindia. As the launch of a new Multinational Brand came closer, the sales of our Indian made Brand Ridaex started shrinking to minimum numbers.

With months together regrets of underestimation, potential financial and employment losses came back with a solid thought of building the World’s first up-gradable Television. Lessons learnt and well determined Ridaex Administrative Team setup Technology Research Team to design a prototype of NUKE Series.

Ridaex NUKE series Television were not just ordinary Televisions, these were the TVs that are built with strong principles that could change the meaning of LED Televisions. This is a new era of Television invention.

Our Core Principles of Design

  1. Premium Built Quality At Most Affordable Price In India
  2. High In Technology
  3. Prolonged Product Durability
  4. Maximum Security
  5. Fail-Safe And Convertible

At Ridaex! We believe a Television is no more a Personal Device, but it’s a Personal Device for the entire family. We have built an Android TV which is more of a TV and less of a Computer. This is the first time not only in the Indian Market but the Global Television Market to have a Smart TV of such high capability in processing and features in LED TV.

NUKE Series V1 LED Smart TV was first released into retail in the month of September 2018. Later NUKE Series V2 was introduced in December 2018 with furthermore improvements in usability and having open source Android capability. The Software updates were also successfully released for Nuke Series V1 Models for an upgrade.

NUKE Series V2 started from the TV models range of 32 inch LED TV till 55 inch 4K TV. 43 inch Smart TV was one of the largest sold models with a count of 36,000 units because of it’s great Picture Quality under Indian Economical Budget. This was the onset to be Best TV Brand in India.

With the Open Source and High breed Android a lot of content applications including Jio TV online, CCTV applications started live streaming. Just imagine a 32 inches Full HD TV playing 4K UHD as up-scaling 4K content.

Ridaex master-piece Image Engine “Imagemagik V2” outperformed with high refresh rate and fast moving images content. This was the first time any electronic televisions were able to achieve the picture up-scaling of 1:2.2 ratio.

With so many features Ridaex Smart TVs always lacked Google Assistant when it was compared to other TV manufactures, just to follow the Core Principle of Maximum Security.

In 2019, Ridaex planned to launch NUKE Series V3 but unfortunately, the launch was canceled due to near-specification competitors. Ridaex is now prepared for NUKE Series V4 with absolutely no competition in terms of the price factor, performance, and specifications.