Water Purifier

Healthy water for drinking and cooking is the most critical factor in Grama Panchayat.  Water is normally contaminated and it is a plight people are forced to use the available water for both cooking and drinking.  Water purifier from reputed brands are very expensive to afford.  We provide good quality water purifier with all warranty at one third the cost of branded ones.  This will surely enhance the health parameters of people staying in Grama Panchayat.



RO System stands for Reverse Osmosis System is a water purification solution, designed to eliminate contaminants, ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. With this technology-driven solution, you’ll be able to get access to pure and filtered drinking water that keep the impurities from the water out. Sattva - one of the leading RO System Manufacturers in Bangalore has the most trusted and precisely designed water purification and filtration systems available to suit your needs and fit your stipulated budget.

Reasons To Buy Our RO Systems:

  • Futuristic Design: Our offered RO Systems are unique in design that allows one to easily install, operate and maintain it. It comes in vibrant colour contrasts and models to satisfy your taste and preferences.
  • Provide Safe Water: These RO Water Purification Systems consist of a closed water treatment technology that removes impurities by using a reverse osmosis process. It also has ultraviolet light installed in a circuit that can sanitize the water.
  • Don’t Break Your Banks: The energy consumption of our Reverse Osmosis System is low compared to similar devices available, which ensures huge savings in the long run.

UV Purifier stands for Ultraviolent Water Purifiers are the one designed to protect drinking water against biological contaminants. These systems proved to protect against water-borne viruses, bacteria, moulds and pathogenic disease-causing microorganism and eliminate UV treatment. Sattva - one of the paramount UV Purifier Manufacturers in Bangalore has excellent solutions designed and manufactured using advanced technology that disinfect water by using ultraviolet light. This system purifies the water at the DNA/RNA level to destroy biological contaminants and other chemicals at molecule levels and produce tasteful and safe water to drink.

Advantages Of Our UV Purifiers:

  • Chemical-Free: Offered Ultraviolent Water Purifiers don’t use any chemicals for treating the water and helps to get rid of even the hazardous water germs in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Time-Saving: Be it, the installation, operation or maintenance, nothing will consume a lot of your time and treat the water instantly.
  • Different Configurations Possible: These UV Water Purifiers are available in different sizes and UV lamps and other customizations that can suit the customer preferences the best.