Graamoddhaara Kendra has enabled its business owners to run a very successful micro enterprise by its range of products. Under one roof we provide the customers with consumables, home appliances and electronic products. The margins of the product vary and are above 10%. We also have products @10 to cater to Customers need. This has built values for customers who also want services under one roof. We are like mini big bazar and we can enable rural India to access products at their door step and this is big leap for the people in rural India.

These services enable our business owners to create market value and help consumers to stop traveling longer distances by reaching out to them.

Having a comprehensive list of business objectives creates the guidelines that become the foundation for your business planning.

  1. Getting and Staying Profitable
  2. Productivity of people and resources
  3. Excellent Customer Service
  4. Employee Attraction and Retention
  5. Mission-driven Core Values
  6. Sustainable Growth


  1. Center which hosts products, services and banking
  2. Branded products ranging from Consumables to home appliances and Electronics/Solar gadgets
  3. Franchise where loan is pre-approved from the franchiser


1: Products and services under one roof 2: Software developed to handle product and services 3: Training provided to run the business Benefits:

  1. Products driving business, generating revenue and services adds value from the product consumers
  2. Good margin on products and greater revenues
  3. Service provider with branded products under one roof which helps in ease of business

1.1. How to be a successful entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur is the one who constantly engages in retaining customer but also thinks about building his brand in the future by aggressive marketing and service.

Understanding the nature or business and markets trends are very important for a successful entrepreneur.

Having products readily available to cater to requirement is the key as customer doesn’t have a patience to wait for a day or days.

Understanding the revenue models and how it can drive his profits are a key to every business. Shelf lives of the products and how to add discounts to products which are nearing expiry are a key to long term business and revenues

Following steps will help an entrepreneur strategize his business and generate revenue

  1. Proper customer service and feedback from customers
  2. fulfilling the customer requirements and going beyond expectations with services and information
  3. availability of products on the shelves for customers to choose from various options
  4. understanding marketing trend and requesting the service provider to have the necessary products for the current trend
  5. constant engagement with service provider and customers to be update with market trends and to provide amazing service
  6. Adding value to the products by timely services and utilizing the value added services to drive business
  7. Adding a free product with the services when the products are moved or sold