Operations Support

After Support and Quality Measures:

  1. Designated relationship manager who will act as the single point of contact for all the operational and sales aspects is assigned to each franchisee.
  2. We have a field team right till deep block level that undertakes regular visits to franchise we provide training guidance and support to our franchise. We conduct various activities for the growth and success of our Kendra.
  3. We undertake regular Kendra surveys to ensure franchisee earnings and customer satisfaction.

Franchisee Training Guidelines

  • Graamoddhara Kendra a visionary project from Vikaasa Desi Skills Foundation provides Self-employment for people in the rural sector and also helps them to be Micro Entrepreneurs. This Facilitation guide provides VDSF team to help our clients understand this opportunity.
  • Understanding Micro entrepreneurship and benefits to drive our clients for being a successful micro entrepreneur.
  • Onboarding our clients, acclimatization to organizations values and goals.
  • Changing our stereotypes and challenging us to deliver impactful trainings.
  • Display measures and suggestions that helps our clients to build confidence.
  • Walk them through our structure, goals and organizational values to build relationship and partnerships.
  • Learn techniques like Empathy, customer service skills and also understand the concept of design thinking.
  • Activities and VAK based program to ensure that our learning is not compromised.
  • Modules that help us to recheck and quickly assess our partners after the completion of the training.
  • Implement the techniques in the sessions when you are onboarding our partners.
  • No compromise on quality and the facilitation guide should be used as is.
  • No changes to the content or flow so that even structure is followed.

• • • • • Technology and Back End Support: 1. Proprietary Technology platform GKMS (Graamoddhaara Kendra Management System): in house Technology platform which seamlessly integrates with all our partners and service providers enabling ease of access to our franchisees so that they can operate from a single window. 2. Technical helpdesk: ticket raised through GKMS by franchise and staff in redressed and resolved within 24 hours TAT. 3. Live monitoring through dashboard: provides regular update which enables each field staff, relationship manager, business head and franchisees to monitor the services in real time and check the active status of the franchisee. 4. Pan Karnataka Kendra’s are monitored centrally from our head office to examine day-to-day operations and ensure safety and security of our franchisees