Setup Process

In around two months of time, the franchisee can set up his/her entire operation. This time frame is the minimum time required and can be reduced further if the franchisee does his activities faster. The detailed timeline is given below for the reference below.

Step 1

  • Interested applicants can register @
  • The process is hassle-free and it takes around 5 minutes to fill the online application form
  • Online payment option applicants to make the payment from their own bank account.
  • Kindly note that cash is not accepted and it is strictly advised not to hand over to any company representative

Step 2 : Location Selection Criteria

  • Minimum distance of 2 kilometers between any two cameras in rural areas and minimum distance of 1 kilometer between any two Kendras in urban area.
  • Selecting the right location for the outlet is an important step that contributes towards the growth of the Kendra.
  • The location selected will be the community you take care of as well as the community that take care of you.

Step 3: Kendra due Diligence

  • CIBIL Verification
  • Basic Referral Check
  • Basic KYC And Aptitude Check
  • Police Verification
  • PAN Card
  • GST Registration
  • Previous Experience Details
  • Passion Towards The Business

Step 4: Agreement signing and onboarding mail

  • Both successful completion of location selection and franchise due diligence process we shall share the detailed Commission structure for all the services and Products offer the agreement.
  • Agreement signing: If you accept our offer, the agreement signed and it is official. You are closer to open the Graamoddhaara Kendra / Swadesh Kendra.

Step 5: Welcome to our Family

Post signing the agreement the franchisee shall receive the onboarding mail along the detailed operational manual and interiors which shall provide all the details related to interior design and branding of your own Graamoddhaara Kendra / Swadesh Kendra.

Step 6: Interiors and branding (As per Specification)

  • Detail design manual shared with franchise which includes all the materials details for the store interiors and civil work.
  • Franchise can seek help and guidance from the Kendra design and branding relationship team and customer excellence team to complete the Kendra interior and branding within 30 working days.
  • Strict adherence to the design manual is required the interior and branding of the store have to be followed as per the design manual guidelines.

Step 7: Interior and branding as per specification Approval

  • Store inspection and approval: post completion of Kendra interiors and branding the store would be subject to inspection and approval process
  • Our team shall visit to the store and inspect the store with respect to the difference of the design guidelines.
  • Franchise shell also upload all the required pictures through our application which will be approved by respective field manager and relationship manager.

Step 8: Delivery of equipment and training

  • Delivery of equipment: Once your store is ready verified and approved we shall get the equipment deliver to you.
  • Ideally the delivery of equipment would take 1 to 2 weeks for successful approve of the Kendra.
  • Franchise can quickly sweater setup the equipment and their business
  • Service activations shall be at head as per the provided timelines and online training shall be provided ongoing basis to the respective franchise and their operators through our Relationship Management team.
  • Training Material would also be made available our proprietary Technology platform Graamoddhaara Kendra Management System portal.
  • Our team provide continuous ongoing support and marketing material required for the Kendra awareness in your neighborhood and local community.

Mandatory requirements for per franchise

  • Minimum Carpet Area: 150 SqFt for Graamoddhaara Kendra, 200SqFt for Swadesh Kendra
  • Internet Connectivity Minimum 5 MBPS
  • Regular Power Backup
  • Kendra Should be exclusive for our Services and Products

Step 9: Plan for Kendra Inauguration.