IT & Backend Support

IT and Backend support


For any organization  IT and Backend support is the backbone.  The IT department must be capable of handling all the data from each and every department and integrating them for logical conclusion every minute.  Timing and precision is very important in it department data analysis.  Each and every data must be accessible, properly coded, analyzed and final conclusion must be drawn.  Our Graamoddhaara Kendra has a strong IT Department to meet and successfully implement the IT related activities of all 6024 Kendra’s.  More over our centralized servers can handle all the queries and back end details to ensure smooth functioning of 6024 Kendra’s. 


Coming to our call center, both the team and infrastructure to handle the queries, information to set up the Kendra, availability of Kendra in a particular Grama Panchayat,  documents required to start a Kendra,  services updates,  product procurement,  customer issues if any,  product promotions in Kendra or any information pertaining to Kendra is well handled by our ever smiling efficient call center executives.  We truly understand that Back End Support team is the critical factor to run this business module and maintain 6024 Kendra's smooth functioning.